2017 Seminars in frame of sustainability

LightTools training Advanced class seminar

NGN/NGA networks and measurements seminar

Radio on Visible Light (RoVL) Technology seminar

Optics in automotive exterior lighting industry seminar

A review on speech processing seminar

2016 Seminars in frame of sustainability

Trends in the field of Networks

Trens in the field of Optical Wireless Communications

WDM-PON Seminar

Fiber Optic Test & Measurement Solutions

CodeV Optical Design Software

2015 Seminars

Research Trends of Telecommunication Networks

Adaptable Repetition Rate Fiber Laser

Key Aspects of Communication Networks

Future Trends of the Telecommunication Systems

Optical wireless as part of optical communications

Special training on Optiwave software

Trends in photonics and optoelectronics

Low-voltage organic thin-film transistors

Microwave links for telecommunication operators

How to prepare an article seminar

Special training on EXFO hardware

Special training on LightTools software

Fiber Optics in Data Centers

Radio-Relay link seminar

Advances Communication Technologies

Integrated Optics and related topics

2014 Seminars

CFD Engineering application & simulation

BigData Workshop

Telecommunication Systems

Utilization of Optical Fibers

FTTH Optical Access Networks

Optics ina Automotive Industry

Transport and Datacomp Day

DSTS Measuring Systems

News in the Fiber Optics Measurements

2013 Seminars

Integrated Optics

INDECT Project Solutions

Mobile Systems and Multimedia

Revisions and Safety Checks

Utilization of Fiber Optic Systems