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Development of Excellence of the Telecommunication Research Team in Relation to International Cooperation

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The project solution time:

12.4.2013 - 30.9.2015

Total budget:

16 994 444,50 CZK


Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic

Project Finance Resource:

Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme, Area of Support 2.3 - Human Resources in Research and Development



The main project objectives are the increase of the professional excellence of the whole research team of the Telecommunications Department, support of the present international activities of the team, which include the FP7 - INDECT (Intelligent Information System Supporting Observation, Searching and Detection for Security of Citizens in Urban Environment), through the Association of Higher Education Institutions and the Academy of Sciences CESNET, the international project GN3 (Multi-Gigabit European Academic Network), participation in leading international conferences, the English language courses.
Next,it is the further development of these activities and making new international connections and cooperation possible, which the professional team tries to join: EUREKA, Australian-Czech cooperation in the automotive industry, the FP8 - Pro Automotive, through the Association of Higher Education Institutions and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic CESNET, the international projects GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility), EU SEEFIRE, and the international research network GÉANT.
Telecommunications are one of the leading backbones of the present-day, and especially of the future technical fields of science. The Telecommunications Department of VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava has build up a high-grade device and materials background due to which it is streets ahead of the others both in the Czech and the Slovak Republics. The foundations of this significant university establishment were laid with the team´s own hands and at the Department´s own expenses. Therefore, due to this, as well as due to the fact that it is a case of the branches with a sizeable added value, education of highly specialized professionals in the device and materials demanding fields of the future should be subsidized by the public financial means, since, in reality, very fast return on this investment can be expected.
Within the framework of the project, the staff of the Telecommunications Department will be able to improve and expand their own professional research excellence, e.g. by regularly participating in a newly organized professional Telecommunications Educational Seminar. They will also be able to attend international conferences and trade fairs. Further on, there will be a possibility of improving their language competences, establishing new professional contacts, discovering of new research topics, chances of joining the research and educational activities at the researcher´s workplace even after the project´s completion.


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