Microwave links for telecommunication operators

The final report from the 20th Telecommunications Educational Seminar focused on Microwave links for telecommunication operators, design, realization etc. held in Ostrava at the 3rd of June 2015.

The 20th Telecommunications Educational Seminar supported by the project "Development of Excellence of the Telecommunication Research Team in Relation to International Cooperation - CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0217" was held for one day in Ostrava at the lecture room number EC3 at the 3rd of June 2015.

During this seminar three invited lecturers presented their lectures that were mainly dealing with microwave links for telecommunication operators. Invited speakers were MSc. Martin Hanzlik, MSc. Ondrej Dvorak and MSc. Tomas Fibigr from the SUPTel – DISK Company.

The first mentioned speaker have prepared lecture named Development of companies providing and servicing network for telecommunication operators. This lecture provided a deeper look into the development and conditions in telecommunication networks with regards to TELCO operators. The second lecture given by MSc. Tomas Fibigr was entitled Wireless microwave links comparison on Czech and international market.

This presentation provided information and description how to prepare building-up of wireless network in given locality from the technical and administrative point of view. Further in his lecture he compared wireless networks in terms of Czech and international market. The last speaker was MSc. Ondrej Dvorak, which introduced lecture named Proposal and implementation of microwave link, where he explained what is necessary to do during building-up of microwave link from the technical, legislative or customer demand point of view. The final part of this presentation was demonstration of real constructed links over whole Czech Republic with their descriptions.

Thanks to presented specialized lectures and demonstration our students and employees had opportunity to take a closer look into the technical, legislative, building-up problems connected with Microwave links for telecommunication operators.

Tomáš Fibigr - Srovnání bezdrátových spojů na českém i světovém trhu (CZ language)

Martin Hanzlík - Vývoj firem zajištující výstavbu a servis pro telekomunikační operátory (CZ language)

Ondřej Dvořák - Návrh a realizace mikrovlnného spoje (CZ language)


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