Trends in the field of Networks

Final report from the fifth Telecommunications Educational Seminar within the frame of sustainability of "Development of Excellence of the Telecommunication Research Team in Relation to International Cooperation - CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0217" project. Seminar was held for two days in KAM Malenovice, Frydlant nad Ostravici on the 5th-7th of September 2016.

During the fifth Telecommunications Educational Seminar, within the frame of project sustainability, were given lectures by Dr. Sasa Mrdovic from University of Sarajevo, Assoc. Prof. Stefan Rass from Universitat Klagenfurt and Prof. Jongtae Rhee from Dongguk University. 

Dr. Sasa Mrdovic presented his as well as his group work results in the field of cybercrime in telecommunication networks. The title of his talk was "How Does Real Cyber Crime Happen?" and during presentation were given information that deepened attendees knowledge about security of delicate data placed at web pages or in computers connected to the network.

The second invited speaker was Assoc. Prof. Stefan Rass, prepared a speech entitled "Quantum Cryptography- On Practical Networks and Their Design". This presentation had shown long term work effort of Assoc. Prof. Stefan Rass and his research group, which uses Quantum Cryptography for security enhancement of data transmitted in telecommunication networks.

The third lecturer during this seminar was prof. Jongtae Rhee, who introduced his view on the future of Internet of Things. His presentation was named "IoT-based Carsharing Services" and provided look on usage possibilities of IoT in transport service, but not only for this field.

Thanks to presented lectures the students and all attendees had opportunity to take a closer look into the various problems in the sphere of current Networks.

Sasa Mrdovic - How Does Real Cyber Crime Happen? (EN language)

Stefan Rass - Quantum Cryptography – On Practical Networks and Their Design (EN language)

Jongtae Rhee - IoT-based Carsharing Services (EN language)



Photogallery from training below (more pictures after click on picture).