Key activities

Telecommunications Educational Seminar

Within this key activity there will be a new scientifically oriented Telecommunications Educational Seminar expressly organized for the purposes of the specialists team. Its objective will be to appeal to target groups, to bring in new knowledge and to improve their professional competence. The intention of this seminar is to invite the leading Czech and foreign academic experts with regard to the orientation of the target groups as well as the specialists team. This activity also applies to the experts having many years of practical professional experience since they can share and convey their  invaluable specialist knowledge and compare notes. Within the project six all-day seminars are expected to be organized a year. In the summer seasons of the years 2013 and 2014 three of the seminars will be held for several days like summer schools.
A few agreements made on visits of some significant foreign specialists have already been made. They are namely the visits of Messrs. Marcin Niemiec (AGH Krakow), Nikolai Stoianov (TU Sofia), H. Gokhan ILK (Ankara University), Licea Rangel (UNAM), Michal Halás (STU), Alex Argyros (Univ. of Sydney), last but not least a few  foreign specialists from LG-Ericsson, EXFO and Optiwave, and, of course, a whole range of experts from the Czech Republic.

Long-term Internships of the Specialists Team

The key activity includes three long-term internships at foreign places of work, each one lasting for six months. The first stay is scheduled for the Telecommunications Institute in Vienna, the head of which is Prof. Walter Leeb. The second stay is planned for the Edvina AB Company in Sweden, the managing director of which is Mr. Olle E. Johansson. The third stay is intended at Johannes Kepler University in Linz.

Short-term Internships and Training of the Project Team

Within this key activity there will be twenty-five specialized training courses in the Czech Republic. There will also be fifteen subsidized  professional training courses abroad and three short-term internships at foreign workplaces. Three short-term internships are scheduled at the Ankara University at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Turkey, with Prof. H. Gokhan Ilk. The following is at the Department of Telecommunications, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico, the Chairman of which is Prof. Víctor Rangel Licea. The third internshipwill take place within the framework of cooperation on the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) - INDECT at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, with Dr. Nikolai Stoianov (Associated Prof., Assoc. Prof.) The intention of all the internships and training courses within this activity is to continue the development of professional know-how related to tackling the running international projects (FP7 - INDECT, CESNET, Asterisk, EUREKA).

Participation of the Specialists Team in Conferences, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs Abroad for the Purposes of Establishing New International Contacts with Experts from Foreign Universities and Institutions

This activity is focused on participation of the project team members in significant international conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. In the framework of this activity great importance will be attached to establishing new professional contacts with foreign academics as well as with the team´s potential partners involved in industry. In the above-mentioned events the image building of the team will also be of great importance as well as presenting the team´s current scientific work, bringing the team´s scientific activities to attention of experts across foreign countries all over the world and thus becoming even more attractive for their foreign partners. The members of the project team will participate in foreign conferences under the auspices of SPIE, further on in the conferences, i.e. TSP, IMEKO and IWSIP. Taking part in the international conferences dealing with the fields close to those of the project team, i.e. Messe, Cebit, LED Expo, OPTO, has also been planned.

Improvement of Nonprofessional Competences

Within this activity there will be a course of specialized English, a course of general English, individual consulting for the members of the specialists team as well as assessing of the individual assignments given by the language instructor. The language courses will be available for the team members with different levels of the English language skills and the pace of the classes will be adjusted to the individual requirements of the students. By previous mutual arrangement with the instructor, the students will also get a chance of participating in modifications and updating of the program according to their current needs.
The individual consultations will be on a regular basis according to the requirements and needs of the team members. They will be concurrent with the courses of English. The language instructor will also help the team members correct and emend their translated sections of the presentations and scientific articles. These appointments will be made continuously according to the needs and by personal arrangements. Another instructor´s activity will be creating of a study material intended for improvement of the professional language competence of the Telecommunications Department.